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About me

About me

Adeline Ma, IVF / assisted fertility advisor and coach


I help clients with their IVF/ ART – Assisted reproduction technologies journey to parenthood.

My husband and I struggled through years of fertility treatments and pregnancy losses to finally have our two beautiful children. I gave birth to my daughter at 42 and my son at 48.

Soon after the arrival of our second child, friends and acquaintances approached me for guidance and support on their own fertility challenges. This naturally evolved into a comprehensive professional service where I work with singles, couples and corporate wellness programs. My services is designed to save you substantial money, time, effort, and unnecessary heartache.

My services involve helping prospective parents to navigate their way through the complexity of assisted reproduction treatments, troubleshoot through treatment options, and perform due diligence on prospective IVF clinics. I strive to help clients achieve the best possible outcome for each ART treatment.  Be better prepared to move on to other alternatives once the current plan fails or is no longer an option.

For clients in Hong Kong, we can provide a discrete VIP in-person service with top Hong Kong IVF doctors.  Each doctor has their specialties such as repeated implantation failures, advanced maternal age ( +45), uterine issues, use of Asian egg donors/embryos, and immune issues. We can also help with overseas surrogacy programs and gender selection. 

Whether you are just starting your ART journey or have experienced repeated treatment failures, miscarriages, or pregnancy loss, we will walk with you in this process to get your longed-for baby.

I’m a professional member of the Asian Pacific Initiative of Reproduction (ASPIRE) with certifications in IVF Management and Quality Control in the IVF lab.