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We can create an actionable plan for your fertility journey. Our plans are seamless, dynamic, and easy to follow. Let us put your mind at ease. Our services for individuals Include:

Navigating fertility medical treatments

•We get you appointments with top fertility doctors—fast

•We determine if you are eligible for some insurance or state medical coverage to minimize out-of-pocket expenses

•We help you obtain fertility treatment overseas if you are unable to access suitable care locally or within your desired budget

•We help you get the most out of your doctor’s visits by arranging and submitting any helpful test results ahead of your appointment and formulating necessary questions to address to your doctor

•We troubleshoot your treatment options and evaluate your doctors’ recommendations and arrange for second opinions when needed.

What if I alredy have a fertilty clinic?

That’s not a problem. My services are not to replace your current clinic, but instead, i’ll work with you in guiding and supporting you through your family-building journey

•We coordinate care between your doctors and other medical providers, so that you can focus other aspects of your life

•We ensure that your key medical information is organized in a clear and systemic way to help your doctor and clinic to determine the best treatment plan; we act as a second pair of eyes.

•We troubleshoot and perform due diligence on any fertility treatment plan or clinic that you are considering and help in arranging a qualified second opinion

•We have no financial incentive to recommend a patient to a particular doctor or clinic. Our motivation is to independently advise and guide to you achieve your family plan.

•We provide you with knowledge of the latest developments in assisted fertility and determine whether you can benefit from these new procedures or protocols


Our integrated fertility support services enhance your firm’s benefits package, while increasing employee productivity and job satisfaction. Aside from helping your employees navigate challenging fertility journeys, we also conduct mentoring to prepare those in their 20s and 30s to plan financially and professionally for possible fertility treatments or other family-building options in future.

Studies show that up to 70% of stress in IVF treatments is financial. Rarely do patients get a live birth after just one cycle of treatment. Findings from a recent UK study indicated higher success rates with multiple treatments- 65% success rate when couples underwent six IVF cycles.

One’s financial ability is key to success; the average cost of one IVF cycle including medical check up and scans is HK$150,000. 

How we can benefit your company:

•Help your top performers achieve their family plan and stay focused    

•Avoid unnecessary services, misdiagnoses, and inefficient care

•Reduce sick days

•Boost employee job satisfaction and productivity